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Hi, thanks for visiting! I’m Sydney Wayne, and I manage the website and social media for Factory Misprint Games. I’m probably one of the few teens you will know who is passionate about websites and coding. And as you have probably guessed, I’m rather passionate about board games, too.

Since my dad and I have a passion for designing games, we wanted to share our creations with fellow gamers. So we started a brand for our games.

If you are a parent, or spend time playing with kids, or enjoy board games in general, you will be interested in our games. This website holds all the information on our games, such as their current progress towards completion and our games print and plays. Check out our games page to find out more about our games.

Our Mission

Factory Misprint Games designs family-oriented tabletop games, that are not only strategic but also engage both kids and adults alike. We hope to bring families together through our games.

Our Story

I am from rural Wisconsin. During the dreadfully cold winter days, my dad, Ken, and I played board games with my family. Bored with playing the same games over and over, my dad and I decided to make our own game. We started making our first game Stack Tactics when I was 9.

During the summer of 2017 while playing Stack Tactics we thought of our next idea, Destination: Unknown, the catalyst to our hobby of designing games. We spent many weekends and afternoons working on improving Destination: Unknown. Then one day during the late spring that next year, the thought of creating a brand of games sparked.

One day my dad bought some new discs for disc golf, factory misprinted discs. I mentioned it would make an ironic brand name for games. We soon decided it would be the perfect brand name for us. Shortly after, we thought of yet another game idea, Tank Tactics. Not only that, Daniel temporarily joined us. He helped us tremendously, both by play testing our new game and by managing our social media.

We attended our first Protospiel in Madison, WI that year, and got incredible feedback for both Destination: Unknown and Tank Tactics. A short time later we thought of another game idea, Mutant Spiders, however, we have not been able to fully develop the idea yet. Our newest game idea Boss Builder is our current main focus. Soon we hope to Kickstart Boss Builder in hopes to publish our first game.

Check out our games page to learn more about all the game we have created.

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