Learn to Play: Stack Tactics


Game Setup

Place 36 of your chips on your home row. You are allowed to arrange them however you would like. The other 12 chips remain off the board in your “bank”.

Game Play

Each player rolls a die, and the highest number wins the right to move first, the remaining players take their turn in a clockwise fashion.

First, you roll the green dice and move 1 die at a time. After finishing your moves with the green dice, do the same with the red dice.

For instance if you roll a:

  • 1- You can move 1 chip 1 space
  • 2- You can move 1 chip 2 spaces or 2 chips 1 space
  • 3- You can move 1 chip 3 spaces or 3 chips 1 space
  • 4- You can move 1 chip 4 spaces or 2 chips 2 spaces or 4 chips 1 space
  • 5- You can move 1 chip 5 spaces or 5 chips 1 space
  • 6- You can move 1 chip 6 spaces or 2 chips 3 spaces or 3 chips 2 spaces or 6 chips 1 space

When you land on the opposite side of the board with 2 or more chips, you can chose to gain the same amount of chips that are on that home row from your bank and move them all automatically on your home row on parallel. You can stay there and not get any chips, too. If you keep chips on the opposite home row, you have to take them off and put them back on the home row to gain more chips. You do not need to decide until the end of your turn (both green and red dice rolls).

When battling with the opponent, you need a higher amount of chips on the square to win. If you win, the opponent’s chips that you conquered are set aside, not available to use again during this game. If you end your move in a tie, your opponent may add 2 or more chips to win the battle.

General Rules

You are allowed to skip your turn.

You are allowed unlimited chips per square on your home row, the middle square, and when stacking on your opponent’s chips, but all other times you are limited to only 6 chips per square.

When moving your chips, you are not allowed to position your chips so that all of them reside on stacks greater than 6; 1 stack must be 6 chips or less.

You are not allowed to put chips in the corner.

4-Player Rules

Each team, not every person, rolls a die, the highest number goes first, moving clockwise around the board.

The team that starts first, starts with the leftmost team member of the team.

If you attack but do not have enough chips to win and your partner is up next, your chips may stay there. Your partner can add chips to yours (called “pile on”) to be a total greater than the opponent’s stack of chips to win.

You and the person right or left of you is your partner, you cannot have a partner across the board. Also, you can only earn chips on the parallel home row from yours.


To win the game, your opponent has to have no chips left on the board.

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