Learn to Play: Tank Tactics


Building Tanks

Select a tank card and the 8 matching dice. Set two of the dice to 6, and assign them to your tanks hit points. Set the rest of the dice to 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 and assign them to your tanks attributes. Note that having more ammo than actions results in having an excess amount of ammo that cannot be used.

  • Actions is the maximum amount of actions a tank can take in one turn.
  • Speed is the maximum amount of spaces a tank can move in one action.
  • Range is how many spaces away a tank can shoot.
  • Damage is how much damage a tank does when shooting.
  • Ammo is how many times a tank can shoot in one turn.
  • Armor acts as additional hit points and deals bonus damage when ramming.

Ability Cards

You can assign ability cards to your tanks that give special abilities to them. They are assigned however you choose and all can be assigned to one tank. You choose when to use your ability cards and you can use multiple cards at a time. When a tank gets destroyed, its ability cards are discarded. Each card indicates when it can be used.

  • Immediate cards must be used before the game starts, and are discarded before the game starts.
  • Passive cards are used throughout the game until the tank is destroyed, then they are discarded.
  • Turn cards are used during a single turn, then they are discarded.
  • Action cards are used during a single action, then they are discarded.

Map Keys

A map key contains the unique rules for a map. Map keys determine the number of players, the number of tanks in use, win conditions, use of ability cards, and may override the default rules.

Start Game

Determine the first player by having all players roll a D20. The person with the highest number goes first, with turns proceeding clockwise.

How To Play

Select one tank to use for the duration of your turn and complete its actions. There are four different actions a tank can take.

  • Movement: Your tank can move forward spaces up to its assigned speed. Your tank can move backwards, but it moves at half of its speed, rounded down. The minimum backwards speed is one. Your tank cannot share a space with another tank nor move through a tank. Your tank cannot move diagonally.
  • Turning: Your tank can turn to face any direction for an action.
  • Shooting: Your tank can shoot an opponent’s tank. It must be within the number of spaces assigned to your tank’s range, not including the space your tank is on. Your tank does not have to face the opposing tank, however, it must be in your tanks line of sight. The opposing tank takes damage and reduces its total hit points by your tanks damage. Each shooting action uses one of your tank’s ammo, however, ammo is reset at the beginning of your turn.
  • Ramming: You can ram an opponent’s tank if your tank has enough speed to move into the space the opponents tank is in. The opposing tank stays in the same space, and your tank stays in the adjacent space. The opposing tank takes damage and reduces its total hit points by your tanks armor + 3. Your tank takes damage and reduces its total hit points by 1.

Taking Damage

Your tanks total hit points include both its hit points and its armor. When your tank takes damage, first reduce your tanks armor until your tank has no armor left, then reduce your tanks hit points. Remove dice from the tank card as necessary. Whenever your tank has no hit points left, it is destroyed and removed from the board.


Barriers are spaces where your tank cannot move through. The two types are surface barriers, which do not block line of sight when shooting, and raised barriers, which do block line of sight. 

Line of Sight

Locate the space your tank is on and the space the opponents tank is on. If nothing blocks the imaginary line between the middle of your space and the middle of your opponents space, you have line of sight. Line of sight is blocked by raised barriers, but is not blocked by surface barriers or tanks. If the imaginary line touches the exact corner of a raised barrier, you have line of sight.

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