Bases Map


One on one tactical tank warfare on this bases map that started it all. Destroy opponents tanks or bases to claim victory.

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Includes Bases Map PDF (11in x 17in) and Bases Map Key PDF (8.5in x 11in).



  • 2 player
  • Each player uses 4 tanks
  • Each player uses ability cards


Win Condition:

Destroy all of your opponents tanks or bases.


Map Rules:

Your tanks cannot share a space with a base nor move through a base. Bases do not block line of sight. Your tanks can shoot or ram your opponents bases. When your base reduces its hit points below 1, it is destroyed and removed from the board. Your tanks can move on a space where a destroyed base was.


Additional Setup:

Place a D20 onto each of your 2 base spaces to represent each of your bases. Each base starts with 20 hit points.

Each player uses 4 tanks.

Each player may use up to 8 ability cards.


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