Portal Map


There is a sci-fi flair to this map. Gain points while going through the portal in this fast paced 2 or 4 player map.

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Includes Portal Map PDF (11in x 17in) and Portal Map Key PDF (8.5in x 11in).



  • 2 player or 4 player
  • Each player uses 2 tanks
  • No ability cards are used


Win Condition:

Collect 20 points.


Map Rules:

Your tanks do not start on the board. Once per turn, for an action you can deploy a tank onto your starting space, as long as none of your tanks are occupying the space. It can face the direction of your choosing. For a 4 player game, each starting space is shared by 2 players. When your tank is destroyed, it is removed from the game board, but can be used multiple times.

If you destroy an opponents tank, you collect 2 points. If an opponent tank occupies your starting space when you are deploying a tank, you destroy the opponents tank and collect points.

Another way to collect points is to teleport. A tank can teleport only once per turn and cannot teleport the same turn it is deployed. When your tank goes through the center portal, collect 2 points and roll a D20. Move your tank to the portal with the number rolled. Your tank continues to face the same direction.

If your tank teleports to an occupied space, your tank is destroyed. If the space was occupied by an opponents tank, the opponent collects points.


Additional Setup:

Use a D20 to keep track of your points.

Each player uses 2 tanks.

No ability cards are used with this map.


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